La Tuca Leather
La Tuca Leather is sophisticated leather jewelry uniquely designed to make us feel strong and sexy anytime. Handmade by me in Brooklyn. 
Growing up in Venezuela, my friends and family called me “La Tuca,” which sort of means “the last little bit.” It’s like the last bit of something to be savored. I’m a designer by trade and La Tuca Leather is a way to channel a little bit of that rich, creative energy into unique and sophisticated, handmade jewelry for all occasions.
Working out of my Brooklyn, NY apartment, I started the process of jewelry-making with inspiration from my everyday life: I want to wear things that have an edge but are also comfortable. When I have an idea, I experiment by hand cutting leather and crafting metal sourced from small businesses in the Garment District in Manhattan. Every piece of La Tuca Leather is created with functionality and beauty in mind.
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