“interhome staff, partner agencies and key holders welcome and assist guests on-site and provide comprehensive service. This local presence means that interhome guests enjoy a straightforward handover of keys, assistance with the organization of activities and a personal contact in case of any needed support and advice.” interhome
Existing flow critique
I followed the flow, to understand how the user would experience finding a vacation home.
What Works
• Very intuitive home page for the user to find the way to to add information to find a home.
• The homes card overview gives great valuable information ( I particualrly like that it says ‘ab XX€’ instead of just the price) because this is a confusing factor in other sites.
• AGB requirement is obvious and nice the way that is highlighted

Friction points

• Top banner is taking a lot of room on the view port

Search results
• Unavailable homes are not clearly labeled as such
• No way of only see available homes

Detailed home page
• ‘Health & Safety’ is very nice to have. But at the moment it takes a lot of space, pushing very important content such as main photo below the fold
• Missing a go back to search result link
• Cost overview is very long and pushes down the reviews. When the user is still deciding wether a home is nice for their vacation, this might not be enticing them to book.
What are others doing
If we facilitate the browsing experience between search results and each home, we can increase session duration and consequentially bookings.​​​​​​​
Easily distinguish unavailable homes
• Add ‘only see available homes’
• Clearly label unavailable homes as such
Improve ways to navigate
• Add go back to search results
• Tapping on photo opens the home detail page
• Clean up top section of home detail page so that the photo can be visible at once and user recognizes the home
Facilitate decision making
• Keep inspiration/excitement up with showing the ‘What’ (home), then the ‘how’ (details like location, amenities etc.), and how much.
Measuring success
• Increase session duration
• Increase recurrent visitors
• Increase conversion
• Decrease rage click and drop off from home detail pages
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