I’m a Product Designer focusing on user-centered design and streamlined processes. With over ten years of experience in graphic design, art direction, and team management, I can help you reach your project goals. The most important thing to me is to lead a relaxed collaborative environment where everyone wants to cooperate and give their best work.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Ask questions, solve problems, have fun!

Ask questions
I research extensively and collaborate with clients to make sure I have the best understanding of the task at hand and can provide the best solution. When redesigning the brand system for a financial company, my team and I collected the 366 items currently in use, interviewed customers, sales associates, project managers, and heads of the different divisions of the company, to make sure we understood the everyday use, concerns and vision for the rebrand.

Solve problems
Along with research, my knowledge and experience in design helps me make connections and find efficient solutions. When pitching an advertising campaign for a health device company to educate on the correct usage, we proposed not only the requested campaign, but also a mobile app to teach both health providers and patients how to use the device through a few minutes of interactive play.

Have fun
While working in the financial sector and healthcare, I refused to conform to the idea that because of all the regulations, these fields have to have bad design. I made sure that my team felt respected and inspired to do work they could be proud of and inspire clients along the way.

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